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  1. Garcia dug Cheap Trick! I made a video a few years ago about Jerry’s interest in punk and new wave, using a bit of interview from 1978 and he mentions Cheap Trick and Elvis Costello (I’m not saying Cheap Trick were punk or new wave, but gotta cut Jerry some slack). I deleted the video because I allowed comments and, surprise, it all degenerated into the worst shit ever. Though it did get high praise from one of those good Dead blogs (Lost Live Dead or dead essays or something). Maybe I’ll repost it and disable comments. I admit it had an angle and went for it. Mostly convincing myself that it was ok that I was slowly becoming all-consumed by this “ridiculous” band.

  2. That 5-neck guitar is both awesome and ridiculous at the same time. But don’t show it to Phil … it might give him ideas.

  3. Bonnie Lass of Fenario

    December 17, 2015 at 1:24 pm

    Why does a drummer need glasses?

  4. In the category of Small World, the Grateful Dead played the Sound Storm Festival in Poynette, WI on April 26, 1970. It was a three-day Festival (Friday-Sunday April 24-26) and one of the many regional acts on the bill was a Rockford, IL band called Fuse. Fuse featured Rick Nielsen and Tom Petersen (bassist) from Cheap Trick. Fuse had a self-titled album on Atlantic around this time. I used to have it, it wasn’t bad. So it is at least plausible that Garcia and Rick Nielsen met, if unlikely.

    The name Cheap Trick came from,of all things, Slade. The band was called Sick Man Of Europe, but some members of the group saw Slade around 1974. Lead singer Robin Zander said “they use every cheap trick in the book” and the new name was born.

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