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This Was Unavoidable, I Suppose

Mayer checker bikini


I don’t know how to respond to this.

“Soak it in.”

Don’t wanna.

“But you can’t look away.”

I cannot, no. Are you on a boat?


“It’s a yacht.”


“If a boat’s over a certain size and serves no purpose, then it’s a yacht.”

I get it. Did you buy a yacht?

“No, a Saudi prince is paying me to be here.”

Oh, you’re Lohanning.

“Sweet deal.”

You’re gonna get a really weird tan line.

“The prince is into that.”

Is this a sex thing?

“Negotiations are always fluid on the water.”



(With thanks to Wilbard for the ‘shop. It should be noted for legal reasons that this is not an actual photo. The one of the Wall of Sound at Fenway, however, was totes real. Totally totes.)


  1. Well done Willard!

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