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Thought On Squirreliness

The fact that Billy’s racial rubric includes the category of “squirrely” won’t get out of my head.

“What people don’t understand is that you can’t just ask, ‘How squirrelly is a German?’ Well, are we speaking of a Bavarian or a Prussian? Because the Bavarian has virtually–and this is rare–virtually no squirrel to him whatsoever; the Prussian, now the Prussian is a river people and therefore ranks with the Laotian or Congolese in terms of squirreliness. But tops? Hands down: Bolivians. They might as well bury nuts for the winter: those fuckers are at peak squirrel.”

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  1. It’s late, at least in my head, so you’ll have to excuse me, but Billy looks very much like my racist uncle. My gut feels like Billy looks very much like everyone’s racist uncle. And a little like Brian Doyle-Murray. But especially like my racist uncle.

    My racist uncle is a born-again Christian, which I consider a neat trick since he’s half Jewish. Don’t sit next to racist uncle at Thanksgiving. Truth: Years ago I was home from Tucson over thanksgiving, and racist uncle heard “sand niggers” when I said something else. I realized it and let him go with it anyway.

    Billy looked 47 for like 20 years in a row.

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