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Halloween, 1991

Kesey’s son just died*  and with the band raging behind him, he goes into ee cummings Buffalo Bill:

Buffalo Bill's


        who used to

        ride a watersmooth-silver


and break onetwothreefourfive pigeonsjustlikethat


he was a handsome man

                      and what i want to know is

how do you like your blueeyed boy

Mister Death

Try writing another joke about Dickpunchin’ Billy after that shit, man.

* This is not true, as noted in the comments. Bill Graham had just died, not Kesey’s son; Kesey’s son had died seven years prior.


  1. i was at those shows, and 11-3 -91 we flew out from new jersey,heard the news,great shows though…sad.celebrate life..

  2. It was Bill Graham that had just died, not Kesey’s son. Jed Kesey passed in ’84 and that’s what Ken was referring to during this rap. Comparing his son’s death w/ Graham’s and the presence of the GD during both ties of mourning.

  3. *times of mourning

  4. i shat myself. holy mother of god

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