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Thoughts On Bocce Without Research

  • This is going to be short.
  • I would assume it’s Italian.
  • The basic framework of the game is universal: player stands at a line; the target is over there; you throw something or bowl something or slide something for points.
  • Bowling, curling, petanque, shuffleboard, skeeball, darts.
  • There are more, but I am truly committed to the philosophy of Without research on this one.
  • The topic deserves it.
  • In bocce, you throw a ball down a long sand pit.
  • One would assume that there are points awarded depending on the accuracy of your toss.
  • When Daryl Hannah came out of the water nude in Splash, the Statue of Liberty tour guide said, “Bocce balls!” and that was fun.
  • In Star Wars, Uncle Owen asks Threepio if he can speak Bocce, but he was almost certainly not referring to the game.
  • Someone has been murdered due to a bocce game.
  • That’s not really a statement about bocce as much as it is about humanity: someone has been murdered due to every game.
  • At least one person has died because of a Monopoly game, maybe more.
  • Bocce is played on courts.
  • Phil now owns three of them.
  • He would like you to stop pooping on them.

Bonus Thought:

  • My spellcheck does not recognize the word “bocce” and that is racist.

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  1. My slovenian neighbors called a similar game.. balinanje.

    I heard it pronounced as Balinza, but I guess it was balinanje.


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