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Thoughts On Language, Math, Hitler, And Smurfette

Webster’s dictionary defines the word speech as “A prepared talk that should not begin with the words ‘Webster’s dictionary defines,'” and that’s good advice, even though it breaks a rather fundamental rule of set theory.

If the name of a fern plant were spelled “furn,” people wouldn’t take it seriously.

Due to the fluctuating membership of the band, if you were to turn the history of the Grateful Dead into a math equation, “Grateful Dead” would be a variable.

Smurfette. Rockette. Cigarette. They were originally made and marketed to women.

If you wrote out all of the cardinal numbers–one, two, three, etc.–then the first time “B” would appear is when teens approached you to see if you will buy them beers.

The movement known as counter-clockwise arose after clockwise began cracking down on political opponents and siphoning money out of the economy. Up and down are staying out of it.

Garcia had a teddy bear made in his image, but Billy did not. Though, if you’ve seen the movie Child’s Play, you know how it would’ve turned out.

As with so many other lists he tops, Hitler is the worst person to not have an opinion on. You’re not allowed to be on the fence on the Hitler question. Most people think Hitler was very bad. A few people think he was very good, and that is a sub-optimal opinion, but it’s still better than a “no comment.”

They should try doing plays in 3D.

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