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Thoughts On Sting

sting overalls stealie

Phil Collins is being allowed a comeback, and a re-appreciating; so is Lionel Richie. Peter Gabriel is coming soon, and mark my words, Enthusiasts: a Major Thinkpiece by Major Rock Writer is in the works re-evaluating Huey Lewis. (And the News, who were a crack outfit of Bay Area ringers. You can have any opinion on Huey’s songs or voice or persona; that the News was made up of motherfuckers is inarguable. There was a Cipollina on bass and the drummer who looked like John Denver; great band. )

I don’t know if it’s in the cards for Sting. He’s still famous for some reason–he’s touring with the aforementioned Peter Gabriel this summer and he played the NBA All-Star Game this year to much confusion–but the critical reappraisal is not forthcoming.

Those were my thoughts on Sting.

Also, TotDotB (Thoughts on the Dead off-track Betting) is laying seven to four that Young John Mayer will wear this exact outfit this summer.


  1. SWAGGIE maggie

    May 21, 2016 at 10:10 pm

    Sting is hot lol

  2. Sting’s real name is Gordon Sumner.

    What if Phil Lesh had chosen just one name? Thumper? Bhong? Pulsar?

  3. People are also reevaluating Billy Joel. Which upsets me. I worked hard to make that fucker unpopular.

  4. I saw Huey play harmonica with the Grateful Deads one night in Oakland. A few weeks later my friend and I drunkenly heckled him about it in the parking lot of the AT&T pro am in Pebble Beach. He was very gracious and I feel bad about it now.

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