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Thoughts On The Bobby

When it comes to the Dead, all opinions and obsessions are acceptable except for the ones that are wrong and weird. Wanna love Brent over Keith? Fine, zay gezunt, but if you have a full-back portrait of Vince, we’re not going to be wiling away the afternoon hours scoping out the fly betties at the Food Court. Your judgement is not to be trusted. AUD guys, spinners, that sort of thing.

Also, when it comes to Bobby, all opinions and obsessions are acceptable, except for one opinion: that Bobby wasn’t a truly deep musician and absolute master of his musical surroundings.

Listen to Bobby during Dark Star. He is doing some outlandish, upper-level musician shit. Bobby is a motherfucker, plain and simple, although his contribution to the Dead is often, ahem, overshadowed by certain other things.


  1. Vince gets no respect. It’s not his fault The Dead made him play that cheesy sounding keyboard.

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