In other Zevon/Dead related team-up news, there’s this:


That’s the title track from Warren’s under-loved and under-bought 1989 record, Transverse City. Garcia’s on the robot-hummingbird guitar.

They were dissimilar: one East Coast (from Eastern Europe), overcoats and storms, heavy classical training with masters, grey and black, vain; the other West Coast (from Western Europe, T-shirt Tuesday and learning your instrument through hanging out, tie-dye, and…what is the opposite of vain?

What Garcia looked like towards the end.

Right: that. The song’s great, and so is the album, with one small (almost insignificant) hiccup: it’s one of those albums that starts to sound really good after about ten years of listening to it. Interpret that however you’d like.

Garcia also plays on They Moved the Moon, which West Coast Promotional Man, Mr. Completely, thinks would have been bitchin’ coming out of Space; I agree with him.


It’s weird little number: the whole album’s ten degrees off-kilter, and if you know anything about Warren, that makes sense. The man was wracked with mental disorders. No joke, but also no free pass: under his sincere problems, the man could also be a bit of a selfish dick.

Unlike you and me, of course. It’s just that someone wrote all of his sins down.

May our sins vanish! Like embers into the aether: yes, my friend? Now! You buy! Three camel, two daughter, 14 pounds dates. SEVENTEEN HUNDRED AMERICAN: DON’T CHEAT ME, JOHNNY FLAGFUCKER!

I’m sorry, excuse me, stop this, what now?


You have become some sort of racist extra from the bazaar scenes in Raiders. Why is this, please?


You cannot…can you get back on topic?


I am going to take that as a big ol’ ‘no’.