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Three Souls In Communion

pig jerry bobby 71

“Weir! You and me is having some man-to-man words about this here television program!”


“I wanna be played by a man of poise and prestige! Someone who’ll get the Pig’s highs and lows! Capture me as a person of character adrift among the reprobates! Not just some drunk kid playing the blues, y’know?”

“Don’t make the Pig no joke, Weir.”

“You know I wouldn’t do that, Pig.”

“Nah. I know. You gonna do me right with this fiasco. You just let ’em all know who I was. People done forgot about the Pig.”

“I didn’t. I couldn’t. Promise.”

“Well, if I got your word and a dime, then I got me a cup of coffee! The Pig is goin’ to Hollywood! What channel we on?”

“Yeah, there aren’t really channels anymore.”

“Is there Captain Kangaroo in the morning and horror flicks late at night?”

“If that’s what you want, I suppose.”

“Then TV is still TV! Future ain’t so fancy, Weir!”

“Yeah, maybe.”

“Jer, do you have any notes on the–”

“Leave me out of this, Weir.”

“–TV show? Okay, sure.”

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