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Three, Way

phil bobby jerry65
The wind is at our backs; the sun is in our eyes.

The rain threatens, but that’s all: it cowers in the face of determined men, we tell ourselves.

The way has never lain ahead.

It must be made.

IMG_1626Make your way, anyway you can.


  1. Jesus Christ. Look at the way those speakers are leaning forward. That’s some of Mr. Lee’s best work, right there. It’s a miracle that people only started dying at Dead shows in the 90s.

    Also — the speaker columns and weird mics say “74,” but Garcia’s Strat says “72.” Time Sheath slip?

  2. They were messing with double vocal mikes at least as early as ’73. (Something about phase cancellation and noise, something something…find a tech savant to explain it. If you dare to have your Fourier transformed.)

    Not until 1974 did GARPA over-engineer the idea, with those terribly sibilant paralleled pencil capsules in the uni-body matrix. The original version sounded pretty good, actually.

  3. never saw that first photo before, incidentally. fantastic.

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