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Through Tough Thorough Thought

img_3108British people pronounced David Bowie’s last name with a “bow,” but Americans say it like “bow.”

Of course, the Brits would read the sign in the picture as “Snickers Bedsit,” so maybe they’re just wrong?


    • ok so obviously NOT having a TV has saved me from this

      its really messed up the results of searching the interwebs. You turn on safe search you get nothing; turn off safe search and you want to poke out your brain

  1. Yeah Cleveland..The glory days of FM radio, plus some promoters and some venues, made a good mix.

    Not that it mattered too much to me, I lived in Cleveland, but was a little to young, and I cared about pretty much only one band. You get something and miss something with that singular focus.

  2. > Mick Rock captured some really nice shots of Bowie during that period

    are there urls for more of those bowie pics at the mars hotel?


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