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Musings on the Most Ridiculous Band I Can't Stop Listening To


Some of the world’s secrets revel themselves with just one search: this is Rolling Thunder, who glommed onto the Dead in the late 60’s and hung on for a while; Mickey was rather susceptible to his bullshit. I had known nothing of him besides what’s in Long, Strange Trip and the other books, but he always struck me as a con-man.

The feeling was accurate: Rolling Thunder’s name was John Pope, and he variously claimed to be Shoshone, Hope, and Cherokee. You could look it up.

The Grateful Dead must have met an honest man somewhere along the way, once, by accident.


  1. Was this guy the inspiration for *Estimated Prophet*, or was that just new-age woo-mesiters in general?

  2. Billy devotes more ink to this cigar store Indian than his own kids and Pigpen combined.

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