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Tiger, Tiger Burning Shore

parish jake peavy tiger

You might remember that Tiger came through town last week or so; a pitcher named Jake Peavy borrowed the thing and everybody took pictures and this one is sweet. There are only a handful of people who can claim any sort of ownership of Tiger. Legally, of course, Irsay is the owner. But that guitar’s got a little bit of Parish in her: he didn’t build her, or play her, or buy her; Parish made sure no one stole it. Tiger was surrounded by intensely sketchy people for most of her career, but she always went home with the right guy.

Also, I’m pretty sure that’s Jason Newsted’s kid.

A Note On Jim Irsay: worse people could own Tiger. He’s got all his guitars–150 or so–in a secure place with the right humidity and whatnot, plus he hired a guy to take care of them. It could be worse, but then again…

irsay tiger

…it probably couldn’t be. Rock and fuckin’ roll, Jimmy.


  1. No offense to Mr Irsay, but why is he using a Peavey amp with the priceless Tiger? Couldn’t he at least have afforded a real 1965 Twin Reverb or perhaps a Dumble or something? Seems incongruous to say the least

    • I agree that it should be a classic amp, but Howard Dumble just doesn’t sell amps to non-guitarists, no exceptions apparently.

      Perhaps a MESA–Randall Smith (MESA founder) was an old pal from the 60s. MESA actually, sort of, stands for Mercedes Sales And Engineering (you can look it up)

  2. Also just checked as I thought it was Jake Peavy in the photo with Parish. It sure looks like the same tat though he has more facial hair than when he pitched for the Padres

  3. That is Jake

  4. When Jake Peavy comes to bat during a game at home, they play Shakedown over the P.A. It’s in his contract.

  5. Parish looks like he could still kick your ass.

  6. Also, that guy who owns Tiger is playing it with only one of the two jacks plugged in. What’s the point?

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