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Til Death Do You Part

jerry manasha hawaii

Hey, Garcia.

“Hey, buddy.”

Which wife is that?

“Second? Third? Let’s just say ‘current’.”

Was she the crazy one?

“You are gonna need to be a shitload more specific than that. Virtually everyone in my life could be described that way.”

Well, what’s her name?




Don’t think so.


Her name is an adjective describing a discarded theory of population growth?

“This isn’t Mountain–

No, it’s not fucking Mountain Girl.

“–Girl, is it?”

“I’m sure it’ll come up in conversation. Or I’ll read it in the divorce papers. Fuck it: we’re on vacation.”

I noticed the shirt.


  1. Come on, it’s just some Tourist Chick he met on Maui.

  2. He wasn’t married to Moneesha Macklemore, was he? I think she was just Jer’s babymama.

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