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Time Keeps On Dripping

billy bearded rando




You having a stroke or making fun of my repetitiveness?

“Skanko rand!”


“You ever go trawling for bunga bunga in Wal-Mart at 4 am? It’s easy, but it’s weird, man.”

You shouldn’t do that.

“Those chicks have problems.”


“I’m rooting for ’em, though. They’re getting those kids back.”


“Hey, Ass: why is Garcia wandering around?”

Isn’t he usually?

“Yeah, but he generally looks better. Skinner, younger. Looks like he did near the end. It’s fucked up.”

Like, the way he looked in ’93?

“Yeah, yeah, right. Just like that.”


“What did you do?”

I didn’t do anything. I’m a neutral observer.

“Sure. What did you do?”

I just opened the Chronogate a little tiny bit.

“You cut a glory hole into the time/space continuum and now 1993 has declared war on the present.”


“Leave me out of this one.”

I didn’t know it would spread.

“The past is like herpes, man: it tells you when it’s done with you.”


“Call Precarious. This sounds like his kinda bullshit.”

Good idea.

“Didn’t this place used to be about the Dead?”

I don’t read the archives.

“Good idea.”


  1. that’s no rando, that is John “Fucking” Warner. and if ya don’t know, ya best ask somebody!

  2. If we gotta ’93…

  3. John “Fucking” Warner is kinda Legendary in some circles. You have posted pictures of more than one of his posters. And I’m not sure if you are allowed to have a festival over 10,000 people unless he’s been notified.

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