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Tiny Grateful Dead Pleasures

  • The moment the AUD patch transitions back into a SBD; that’s like the audio version of when Wizard of Oz switches to color.
  • Billy’s drumming faces.
  • The measure before Phil does his BUH-WODDA-DUH-WODDA-DUH-WHAM! in the The Other One.
  • When Bobby tells the crowd what to do, and Garcia immediately undermines him.
  • The end of ’72 Dark Stars when they keep suggesting songs to each other.
  • My Brother Esau. (Fight me if you don’t like that song.)
  • Band broke up before they could begin selling fidget spinners with Stealies on them at the merch stand.
  • When Garcia completely ignores the rest of the band and just solos through the cowboy tunes.
  • Phil’s gargantuan fleece-lined guitar strap from the Grateful Dead Movie.
  • Phil’s gargantuan beard from the Grateful Dead Movie.
  • The band fucking up the ending to Samson & Delilah on purpose to make Bobby look silly, and then the mics picking up his yelling at them afterwards.


  1. That first thing. Goddamn, that first thing. Also Esau.

    But Phil’s beard was heinous.

  2. drink all day and rock all night

    July 27, 2017 at 12:37 am

    The drums guys … how even after a large portion of the crowd sat down there were always a few guys in each section just freaking out during drums.

  3. Donna Jean jumping on the mic when Jerry sings the wrong line in Eyes.

  4. I heard that they actually made that guitar strap from Phils beard.

    Love 9-21-72 Dark Star> Morning Dew my goodness what a monster

    4-27-85 love Brother Esau

  5. number 1 gives me chills. My copy of Kezar ’73 has a sweet aud>sbd towards the end of Row Jimmy – I love that moment. Maybe someday, the recovered Betty recording of that show will be released.

  6. The tantalizing seconds where you are wondering if it’s gonna be “Jack Straw,” “Black-Throated Wind,” or “Looks Like Rain,” on tapes circa mid ’72, when each was in HEAVY rotation, and given that EACH begins pretty much in the same melodic/rhythmic/harmonic way.

    Ol’ Bobert sure knew (and for my tuppence still DOES) how to milk a good chord change. 🙂

  7. Any particular Samsons you have in mind?

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