So, Adam Yauch dies and I go on this whole youtube dead rock star kick and I get around to Zappa.

I have always vaguely hated Frank Zappa, both musically and personally. Look at this. First off, these are the worst looking human beings I’ve ever seen, Dead included. The baritone sax player needed a ballpeen hammer to his ancestors  How many saxes is too many? This many saxes. I won’t even get into the sneering, sophomoric nonsense of the intro. Ever see clips of Zappa on SNL? You’d want a time machine just for your fist. Frank Zappa is everything that’s wrong with not taking drugs.

His smug nasality, that sneering mein of being too good for the room. His songs were clever exercises in easy irony and clever-for-their-own-sake changes and-especially-his rhythms. It’s one thing to not know where the one is, it’s another thing to have the one deliberately shuffled here and there just for the sake of a smirk. At least with the Dead, you know that if you can’t find the one, they can’t either. It’s not like they’re trying to trick you.