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To Lay Me Down (Ineffectually)

I am posting these pics under formal protest against this nap that simply will not take. Did I not lay down all sleepy-shluffy? Were there not David Attenborough-narrated nature documentaries on the Netflix?

I blame Peter Shapiro.

Let’s see what’s going on around the Dead’s world:

jeff chimenti bruce“Bruce, I’m gonna show them my power.”

“Jeff Chimenti: do not do that. They can’t handle your power. Bobby can’t even stand.”

“Power’s gotta come out, man.”

“You look like a drag queen’s Emmylou Harris routine.”

“Fuck off, Bruce.”

mickey billy
“Hey, Billy?”

“How’d you get up there?”

“No idea. Listen: can I have some real drumsticks?”

“Out of the question. You realize how much embossing Stealies on all those mallets and brushes was?”

“I guess. Can I bring every drum ever made?”

“Oh, sure, definitely.”

Were you aware that Bill Walton enjoys the Grateful Dead? He doesn’t really wear it on his sleeve – his freakishly large, surgically reconstructed sleeve.

10932434_383741128501547_1271544524_nPeople failed to recognize John Mayer’s buddy Andy Cohen in the previous shot; he is an executive at the Bravo channel and has some sort of talk show where he gets drunk with reality stars.

John Mayer is most often referred to as a douchebag; Andy Cohen has never been called this because douchebags are for vaginas and Andy Cohen is most assuredly not for vaginas.


  1. Can we stop talking about guys and instead start talking about when that hottie Mrs. Donna Jean is going to make an appearance?

    • let me just say this, for the record
      if mrs donna Jean doesn’t walk out that stage in Chicago and belt out her “playin” war cry, I’m going to have less of a weekend

  2. Enthusiasts failed to recognize, just saying

  3. Robin Russell

    June 28, 2015 at 7:37 pm

    Mrs Donna Jean made a couple of appearances in the set break vids, as did Pig, Keith, Brent and, I reckon, Tom. However, I don’t recall sighting Vince.

  4. even Mickey’s drum stool looks like a drum.

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