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To The Dead, We Owe Only Truth

If those two men were alive to read the papers today, they’d be sweating their asses off. Because–and let’s not let their talent cloud our eyes–both of them were worse in every way than almost all of the men that have gotten in trouble the past few weeks. No one’s masculinity was more toxic than these two fuckheads. Ah, well. Better dead than in the Problem Attic.

(It’s tough to secure a berth in the Problem Attic posthumously. Ty Cobb did, due to that hack sportswriter’s pack of lies about him; Jimmy Saville, too, but there were plenty of rumors about him before he kicked off.)


That guy on the right is fucking killing it.


  1. You’re right. And… I have to wonder if the most-toxic thing either of them did matches up to a District Attorney like Roy Moore hitting on a child whose mom was at the Courthouse for a divorce proceeding. That’s pretty low, even among rapists. That’s why you used that phrase “almost all.”

  2. All I want is the truth, just gimme some truth.

    Joey Ramone did a decent cover of that.

  3. Did not know about the Gen X cover.

  4. 21st Century Dead

    November 10, 2017 at 7:43 am

    At least they didn’t sing songs about little schoolgirls or girls of just 14, that would be hard to defend…

  5. Luther Von Baconson

    November 11, 2017 at 1:57 pm

    Winston O. & Miles are totally ignoring Andre’s story. that sucks.

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