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Today, You Become A Yoinker

What the hell are you wearing?

“Ah, man. Caught my shirt on a nail backstage. Ripped all the way up the back. Looked like a backwards vest, right?”

Don’t tell me you–

“Merch Yoink.”

–you did a Merch Yoink? Garcia! You never yoink merch.

“Well, you know: before we sell the shirts, they do actually belong to us, man.”


“Mickey called it my bar mitzvah.”

He must have been proud. They didn’t have a black one?

“Turns out we don’t sell any black tee-shirts. If I was in Sabbath, it wouldn’t have been a problem.”

Also true.


  1. This is been up for how many days, and not a single “Jerry in Red, Trouble Ahead” joke?

  2. We need more of those rhyming slogans…

    How about..

    “The show is in danger, when it starts with Feel Like a Stranger”

  3. “You will be illin if they play any more dylan”

  4. The Jams are in Shambles, Bobby’s not wearing sandals

  5. Herodotus the hamster

    February 12, 2017 at 6:34 pm

    Jerry phil’s weired. How about you?

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