Good question, Elite Daily, and congratulations on the 14 Likes. Very elite number of Likes. I know you asked Jess about this, but as a champion of Fourth-Wave feminism, I thought I should answer. (Fourth-Wave feminism is concerned with radical equality, true equality between all races and genders, so obviously a white guy is in charge.)

Bropropriation, which is a real word and not the sound a drug mule makes as he poops out several dozen balloons of heroin, is the pernicious and sexist habit that men have of taking credit for women’s ideas at the office: around the meeting desk, or in the conference place, or around the watering hole. (I have never worked in an office for more than a couple hours at a time. I did the office temp thing a long time ago, and the first two times I got sent out, the company sent me home at lunch; I took the hint.)

An example of bropropriation would be that time when Janet said, “Let’s have business.” And Brad said, “Yes, we should have much business.” The other people in the room were all, “Good idea, Brad. About the business.” That would be bropropriation, except all the people who attributed the idea to Brad were women. Now we’re in uncharted territory.

Bropropriation is not the only thing women should be on the lookout for in the workplace. For example, there’s brogiarism, which is when a dude steals your writing without attribution. Many women in the office are subject to Bropal Disasters, which is when a guy farts on you.

In addition, women must now be aware of not only microaggressions, but also picoaggressions. They are smaller.