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Musings on the Most Ridiculous Band I Can't Stop Listening To

Tramp Stamps Like Us

tattoo drums

Too much freedom in this country.

Also: the “I” looks like a “J” so you can read it as not a statement, but an admonition to J. J. Abrams.

Also also: you cant spell dont like that.

Also also also: men shouldn’t get tramp stamps. Women shouldn’t either, but men shouldn’t more.

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  1. Look, I’ve done it both ways, #1 The ol’lady needs help to the pisser, I Wade on in, help her out(drums/space). Sheezus, thats good acid,omahgird, Wade through the noise,(did Jerry come back out (/ what song is this? Damnit man, Let me hit that ), oh yeah, water please , this is the best furkin show EVAR?! Where did we park, oh yeah, please let me outta here, that’s good shit.

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