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Transcript Of Donald J. Trump’s Remarks – Boynton Beach, FL, 10/24/16

“Look at this, great. Huge. Everywhere I go, there’s tremendous crowds, the biggest crowds. Everywhere Hillary goes, she has Parkinson’s disease. That’s the difference between us, aside from the fact that she’s Satan and only I can save America. Big crowd, big crowd, great.

“Press is right over there, can you see them? Some of them are wearing little hats? I can’t see, maybe. They all work for Hillary and they lie. They lie, folks. Lyin’ press, that’s what I call them. I do great things, perfect things, and they lie. They say I lost the debate. How can anyone say that? Hillary gets the questions ahead of time. Chris Wallace–who is a real loser, father would be ashamed, bad guy–was shining a laser pointer in my eyes. Camera didn’t catch it. I wonder why? Did Hillary the Ripper have the cameraman murdered?

“I’m gonna bring jobs back, all the jobs. I’m gonna teach the blacks to read, all the blacks. Terrorists have to die. First day! All the terrorists are dead, but I won’t tell you how I’m going to do it. Smart. Hillary, who is not smart and smells like an old lady, is going to start World War III. I have heard audio of her discussing this. ‘I’m gonna launch the bombs the minute I’m inaugurated.’ That’s what she said, believe me, I heard it. She hates you so much, Hillary. She’s a wicked devil person.

“She throws more women at me, more lying women. Say I grabbed them, all lies. Fiction. Not one hot one! Best was a six, and I only grab eights and up. I never grabbed a woman in my life, but if I did it would be a hot one, very hot. A porn star! They got porn stars coming out and lying now. I’m gonna grab a porn star? Cmon. Why would I grab one when I could just buy one? C’mon. Many women have told me that I could do porn. My equipment. Porn caliber, many women have said that.

“I’m already winning the election. Early voting that’s what they call it. The returns? Tremendous, just tremendous. Never seen so many returns. I keep getting calls from the government, from the people in charge of the voting, ‘Mr. Trump, you’re winning.’ Every day I get these calls, many calls, people who do the voting. ‘They’re gonna steal it from you, Mr. Trump.’ I keep getting that call, too. Caller ID says the White House. Is Obama getting drunk and confessing to me his terrible sins? If he is, he’s a very bad Muslim.

“After this rally, which is enormous, I’m going up north to Tampa. I will win Florida just like I’ve won everything this year. I beat 16 opponents in the primary. Hillary only beat Bernie because she cheated. I won the debate when I exposed her as a puppet, everyone told me that. Hillary is Russia’s puppet, and everyone in Aleppo is dead because of her. Terrible job in Iraq, in Aleppo. Qatar gives Hillary 20 million dollars, and then honors her by strapping homosexuals to the outside of cars and having a demolition derby. They let her drive one of the cars! The press doesn’t report on this!

“America is dying, folks. Just like Hillary, who is also dying. Jobs are gone. Jobs have been replaced by regulations, believe me. Clowns everywhere. Hillary wants open borders, how many clowns are we gonna have by the side of the road then? The clowns are bringing drugs, heroin. Ever see Hillary in a short-sleeve shirt? Track marks? Could be, could be. Is Crooked Hillary a junkie? Maybe that’s why she started ISIS, for the drugs. How many dead people will be voting in this election, which is rigged? Are they even citizens? That’s how crooked Crooked Hillary is: she hires foreign dead people to vote. What about jobs for American corpses?

“I don’t even know where Russia is. Putin this, Putin that: I don’t even know his first name. I have no idea where Russia is, so I should be president. I hear he’s a tough guy, smart. I want everyone to get along, be friends. Why can’t we be friends with Putin? He’s said some nice things about me, and also wants to dismantle NATO. Things in common, great. Putin has no respect for Hillary, which makes him smart. How do you say ‘bitch’ in Russian? That’s what he calls her, however you say it.

“Every day another Wikileak comes out. My ten-year-old shows them to me on the cyber. Very bad! This John Podesta, people should go to his house and burn it down. Bad guy! Sends thugs to my rallies to hit people, start fights. Always second-hand with these people, sneaky. Can’t be trusted! Why doesn’t Hillary do things herself, why does she always let others do her dirty work like a dog? She should fight me like a man, I could take her. Easy, I could take her easy. I’ve never hit a woman, but I would punch Hillary Clinton because I love America so much.

“The press is going to twist that, and lie about me. Watch! I come out here and I speak about how terrible America is, and all they’re going to say is ‘Donald Trump wants to punch Hillary,’ which I never said. Never said it, even though she deserves to punched in the face for all the her corruption and lies. The media, which hates you and hates America, is going to pile on. Watch, you’ll see. The New York Times, who I am going to sue, is very bad, which is why I’ll win the lawsuit. Judge’ll see. Bad! People hide behind the First Amendment, maybe we should use the Second Amendment. You know what I mean, but I’m being sarcastic.

“She kills babies! Hillary. Crooked Hillary, who will throw the Pope in jail, wants to kill babies, and many of those babies are blacks. Hispanic babies, latino they like to be called, she’ll kill them. Hillary Clinton loves abortion, folks. While she was working for Richard Nixon, she was also an abortionist. Hillary Clinton put herself through law school with the proceeds from her abortion business. Priests call and thank me for telling the truth about this. Catholic-hating Hillary believes in abortion up until the baby is three years old.

“We’re winning. Lyin’ press won’t tell you, but we’re winning. Running the board. Men, up. Women. Women are voting for me, even the ugly ones. Many people are telling me that the blacks will stop shooting each other and vote for me. Last week, I talked to Indians. I love Hindu, tremendous country, I’m building over there big league. Orientals, they come up to me and bow, so many Orientals. Latinos, hispanic they like to be called, they come up to me, ‘Si, Senor Trump, si.’ Many of them are rapists and drug lords, but the ones who are not are all voting for me.

“Everyone has said there is voter fraud, everyone. Sean Hannity says it all the time. How could I concede the election, which I’m going to win, when there’s such blatant corruption? People should thank me for exposing this, I’m a hero, no one gives me credit. There could be 100 million fake voters, more. Probably not that many. Hillary can’t afford that many. I could afford it, but I would never rig an election, but if I did that would make me smart. And if I did rig the election, then why didn’t Hillary stop me? It’s her fault.

“Folks. Florida. America is dying. Terrible place. Four more years of Obama? We’ll be gone. Gone! I need to be elected to stop everyone from dying. Everyone is going to die, folks. Horrible deaths, real big league deaths, and only I can stop it. Hillary is going to watch and touch herself. She likes that stuff, filth woman. Only I can make America, which is terrible, great. Thank you, Florida!”


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