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deadhead comic2

deadhead comic
Now, I may or may not agree (or just want to agree) with the “bubble of the Sixties” thing, but I like the way this guy draws skeleton faces, so I forgave any faults I might have with the text.

Also, the artist–a guy named Kristian B. Kirk whose work can be seen here–is from Denmark, and his English is better than my whatever-the-hell-Denmarkians-speak. Danish? Is that a language? It’s a pastry, but is it a language?

Pss pss pss.

I have been informed that Danish is a language. Congratulations, Danish. Also, your dogs are better than good.

The one thing that stood out to me was the lack of a name for gay Deadheads. Enthusiasts who started out on burgundy, but soon began to hit the harder stuff could–and still can–enjoy shows with their brothers and sisters in sobriety as a Wharf Rat. Jews for Jerry had alliteration going for it, at the least; Deafheads was punchy and to the point.

Gay Deadheads?


“Yeah, Jenkins?”

“As gay Deadheads, I feel that my experience is slightly different from the majority of the crowd; I’d like to share it with my compatriots, and also meet cute hairy guys.”

“Okay. A group for gay Deadheads. What are you gonna call it?”

” I was thinking ‘gay Deadheads.'”

“Jenkins, are you sure you’re gay?”

“Gay as you are, Sarge.”

“That’s pretty gay.”

“You’re telling me.”

“Anyway, Jenkins: let’s not go with our first idea, especially when it’s yours.”


Anyway, this brings up a question: was there any sort of official (well, you know: official by the rules of the parking lot) gathering of LGBTDH’s? And if there was, they surely must have had a better name than “gay Deadheads.” Andy Cohen was a gay Deadhead and he came up with Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and no matter what your thoughts on that show, it’s a good name.

Possible Names for the Gay Deadhead Club:

  • Gaying in the Band.
  • The Handsome Cabin Boys.

Stop this immediately.



  1. There IS a Queer for Weir facebook group. I think they have tshirts and stuff, too.

    • That’s a good name.

      Gay for Garcia, Lesbian for Lesh, Bi for Billy, or Multiamory for Mickey would also be acceptable.

      (The term “polyamory” mixes Greek and Latin and is therefore an abomination.)

  2. I know someone you could ask

    • he says this: Well, that’s a combination of cute and annoying with the consistent gay stereotyping going on, but I’ll pretend it’s humor. There’s no need for some name except in that guy’s mind. “Gay Deadheads” was a proud and wonderful thing to call myself. And yes, QUEERS FOR WEIR. When Jon McIntire saw me marching under that banner at SF Pride he broke down in tears.
      there you have it.

  3. I was one of the very first gay Deadheads to come out publicly, in an editorial in Relix in the 1980s.There’s a lot of annoying gay stereotyping going on in this post, but I’ll pretend it’s humor. There’s no need for some special name –“Gay Deadheads” was a proud and wonderful thing to call myself. And yes, QUEERS FOR WEIR. When former band manager Jon McIntire, who was closeted for most of his career, saw me marching under that banner at SF Pride, he broke down in tears.

  4. Mike & Gloria Gonna Be My Name

    December 13, 2015 at 1:24 pm

    Good ol Jenkins

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