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Triple Crown (Of Dead-Related Shorts-Based Skitches)

bobby jeans shorts fringepinkDammit.

“We having a shorts-off?”

No, we are–

“Garcia wants a shorts-off, Bobby’s coming at him with denim, and Bobby’s coming at him with fringe.”

There is no such thing as a shorts-off and stop referring to yourself in the third person.

“Second person?”

Cannot refer to yourself in the second person.

“I could refer to you in the second person.”

Yeah, you could, but I couldn’t.


It is the slight halo of white cotton fringe around the (scandalously high) hem that makes those shorts the champions of the world, Bobby.

“I find them to be evocative.”

They bespeak a teasing innocence.

“Mm. Who’s really the teen fox? She or I?”


Killer bis and tris, bro.

“Get ready to be uncomfortably aware of your Semitism, cuz Bobby’s taking you to the gun show!”



  1. I’m not comfortable thinking about Bobby in this pic so… did Mickey’s drums also have his initials on them?

  2. He looks so Arian…

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