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Trivia Time!

Okay, Enthusiasts: this is a tough one. Name:

  1. The show.
  2. The activity.
  3. The song that caused the activity.

Winner gets an angry cat thrown at them. GO!


  1. This is the fake Jamaica show set.

    They never really played in Jamaica, just like the lunar landing, it was faked.

    This is the set, fake trees on bakcdorp, so much fake, fake mustache.

  2. No idea, but I do note that Red Metal Stool’s father sat in.

  3. wolfsleepingbysilverstream

    February 11, 2018 at 10:04 pm

    This show was played in the timbers of Fennario, the crew is actually attempting to locate Mr. Benson of Candyman fame who jumped out of the confines of the song when the singer informed him that if he had a shotgun he would blow him straight to hell. Mr. Benson(a small fellow) was not found behind the speaker but was found later in the evening in one of the large timbers of Fennario. It was also said that Jerry had to inform Mr. Benson that when he said that business about shooting him he was just acting out a part and would never really do such a thing. Mr. Benson accepted this explanation and resumed his role in Candyman to many a rave review.

  4. Professor Plum, er, Phil Lesh, with the broken string, at the Englishtown, after Promised Land

  5. 100,000 people in a flat field and the stage is 5 feet high?

  6. Too late to answer correctly, so: Mrs. Donnajeangatchauxxxxx

  7. I have a grey tabby cat sitting on my head. So I don’t need your stupid angry cat.

  8. They’re playing “wild thing” Phil is fucking the speaker like Jimi.

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