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Try To Ignore Ike

Phil Spector is an overrated one-trick-pony, and also a terrible boyfriend. His wall of sound (note the pedestrian lowercase spelling) makes the studio version of River Deep, Mountain High* clunky and muddy, dragged into greatness through Tina Turner’s performance alone.

The live version has something to it.

*Tina may or may not know the exact name of the song, but it doesn’t matter because she is Tina Turner and can do whatever the hell she wants.


  1. True confessions: there was a multi-year period when I thought Tina Turner and Ted Turner were married at one point

  2. the mountain isn’t the only thing that was high amirite

    fuck Ike, and fuck Phil Spector, I think his work usually sounds muddy, overly busy and flattened out into a pancake of indistinct sonic bullshit. Even if he wasn’t a psycho he’d be a loser

    Tina, what a stunner on every level

  3. I seem to recall some interview from the early days (67?) where Phil was extolling the beauty of RD, MH.

  4. Also, gotta second some love for Tina.

  5. Luther Von Baconson

    January 6, 2016 at 6:07 pm

  6. Why has no one mentioned that fuzz tone?

  7. Tina had a rougher than average night here..

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