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Try To Keep Up

Oh my goodness and my gracious: there is so much going on. I am getting dizzy, and would like one of the servants to pour a mercury-based elixir in my ear!


It’s exhausting. Can I get real with you?

Fuck, no.

Well, I’m gonna. For the rest of this paragraph, assume I am speaking to you while seated in a chair backwards.

That sincere?

Totes, fam.


I actually do feel the tiniest bit of responsibility towards the Enthusiasts in at least mentioning what’s going on in Deadworld, and as up-to-date as possible.


I just wanted to leave a little room in between the sincerity and the normal guy, who re-took the reins at the beginning of this sentence.

Ah. So: the imagined and slight pressure you have decided to choose to partake in: this is overwhelming you?


You are not John Henry.

My motor idles at a lower RPM than, say, Elon Musk, sure.

Was all of this leading to something?

Yes: there’s a bunch of articles and whatnot to link to or mention.

You could have just done that.

But how would everyone know how much I resented them for having to do it unless I talked to myself for 200 words before getting to it?

Please just do something constructive.

Here ya go:

This is Bravo TV’s Andy Cohen on his road trip to the Santa Clara shows with Young John Mayer, and it’s a well-written article and approaches the whole thing from the gay perspective, which is an almost-entirely untold story of Deadworld and one that’s interesting, I’d bet.

There are also lovely photos, one of which is of Young John Mayer’s van, Young Van Mayer. I will mock this vehicle in the weeks to come.

VICE weighed in on the Chicago shows in the timely fashion that they’re known for. The author is in his 20’s and all the pictures were run through Deep Dream, so if you can make it more than three paragraphs in, then you are a better man than I, Gunga Din.

(It’s quite enough with Deep Dream. It’s not a “computer dreaming,” maaaaaaan. It’s a shitty filter that draws dogs on everything.)

This is an interview that Young John Mayer did about Dead & Company. He apparently did this interview with a John Mayer forum, which is a lot like the Frost/Nixon interviews, or for you Euro-hipsters, Orianna Falacci chatting with the Ayatollah.

I have not read the whole thing, or any of it. It is on the list.

Bobby sits down with Dan Rather tonight on something called AXSTV, which is just random letters. Is it a channel? What channel? 137-and-a-half? Is it UHF? Is it and it’s one of those Huff Post deals where they pretend it’s a TV show, but they only show i on the innertubes? Do I have to get a taxi to JFK and watch it on the little screen in the back?

And if you’re looking for the source of this “21 shows” rumor, then here’s good ol’ Grateful Dean. Grains of salt at your own discretion.


  1. Glad I missed it

    On again?

  2. Wow, I am way behind. I just saw Jeff was arrested which is so embarrassing for New York… The obvious reason the Dead skipped the east coast for the tour.
    Also “Frost/Nixon and AXSTV random letters” LOL

    • I was going to say something snarky like “get with the program oldie!1!!!!!!1!1!” But I am the same way in that I am always out of the loop. It’s okay, TotD will provide us with information! (… That will probably make me even more incredulous of his perceived silly internet antics than ever before.)

  3. You’re a beautiful man with a verbose manner, hiding remarkable intellectual superiority within the landscape of complete and total vagueness. I would help put sunscreen on the middle of your back, where it’s impossible to reach on your own, but would only do so in an absolutely masculine way. While I’d prefer that another member of the group at the beach take on this helpful task, I’d assist if it was required of me in order to ensure your safety and comfort… Thank you for displaying such courage in your never-ending series of web based commentaries on all things Dead. May you never develop a poorly placed pimple immediately prior to family photos.

    Scott Allen

  4. What could we do to help you battle this fit of the vapors? Maybe Mrs. DJG has a fainting couch you could borrow? Hold tight!

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