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Turn On Channel 24


As I mentioned, Bobby’s in the Maple Kingdom for a charity gig; it’s in a real swanky joint and Bobby will be taking only the classiest questions from Anderson Cooper, who is so fancy he’s secretly a Vanderbilt. (By the way: Shepard Smith hate-masturbates to Anderson Cooper nightly.)


Sure, why not?

Yay, I helped.

Shh. But before Bobby meets all those swells, he sat down at the local TV channel for a little one-on-one with some jackass who needs a shave. (Although, you know: he’s sitting next to Bobby, so he looks okay; Bobby has combed his hair with his fingers.) I only watched a minute or two, but in the time I spent with the clip, Bobby started talking about STEM, but then he forgot what two of the letters stood for, and he added one of his own.

Then he started talking about his best friend, Jimi Hendrix.


  1. This station is infamous for its reporters inability to pronounce guests names properly. Hence my comment that the host did his homework.

  2. You people know about Canada? You must be kidding.

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