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Turtleneck Garcia is the rarest of all Garcias, and as with all things arcane in the Dead’s universe, he was found via Lost Live Dead: a new post’s gone up about a little-known Garcia sit-in right around the time of the ’75 Lindley Meadow show, and right around the corner, too; another free show in the park that summer.

And here’s the highest praise I can give: the post was about the Jefferson Starship PLUS a Mickey solo project, and I read every word. That’s some high-quality Dead-bloggin’ right there.

Also: the picture came from a guy named Ron Draper, and you need to go check out his photos. You’ll like the Clapton one.

  • Turtleneckin’ was the only single by Rudy and the Rowdies: released by Roulette Records, it made it to #19 in June 1959.


  1. Thanks for the kind words.

    No Snow, No Show indeed. Probably not a photo in any Clapton box set.

  2. How is it that, out of all those rock stars, leather jacket and Travis Bean Jerry is the coolest motherfucker on the page?

    Has nobody else noticed how goofy the rest of ’em look?

  3. Another great post by Corry, those pics by Draper are really nice too…..Roger Daltrey’s head is the same size as his torso.

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