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Tux And ‘Tails


Here’s a welcome tonic and a counter to all the narcissistic wieners in tuxedos: good guy and FoTotD David Gans (whose book This Is All A Dream We Dreamed, co-authored with Blair Jackson, can be ordered from the sidebar) inducted our own Mrs. Donna Jean into the Alabama Music Hall of Fame the other night.

No jokes or snark about this one: congratulations, Mrs. Donna Jean.

(A word on tuxedos: I always screw up the timing with a tux. Any time I’ve had to wear a tux, I figure “Well, it’s a tux, so I have to look and smell my best, so I should start my ablutions early,” except I’m a dude with short hair. My full toilet takes less than fifteen minutes, and that’s pushing it, so I’m all black-tie fresh and clean an hour too early. And, you know, you can’t just lay around the house in a tuxedo, so I always end up sitting on the edge of my bed in a towel afraid to move in case it makes me sweat. Regardless of my difficulties, David looks very handsome.)


  1. That news made my day – I hope Mrs. Donna Jean had a wonderful evening. Recognition is always nice and dressing up is fun sometimes too.

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