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TV Party Tonight

Well, I know what I’m doing today…


  1. Me too! Now, if I could only find The Wrecking Crew on Netflix…

  2. I have to wait for my dad to get home to watch this with him so I’m sad as heck

  3. Weir from his RS interview:
    “I’ll never step out of Jerry’s shadow nor he out of mine.”

    Is that a tip off to the height of the pedestal for this Weir documentary? Ah, I love the Bobster, just kiddin’… kinda.

  4. Sir Luther Van Baconson

    May 22, 2015 at 1:47 pm

    Big Star juxtaposed to Bob

  5. I just finished it. I enjoyed it overall, the fact that it exists is a plus in my book. It is odd how the director interviewed Billy, Mickey and Phil and got so little out of the interviews. They get one quote a piece. Also, I liked how they brought up specific Bob songs, and he talked about them, yet other than the Weather Report Suite Demo being used in one scene, we didn’t hear about that song at all! One of his finest. Oh, but we can get a snippet of him doing ‘On the Road Again’.

    Also, for a film explicitly about the guy who in the public perception of the Dead gets overshadowed by Jerry…there’s a lot of talk about Jerry! I know you have to talk about him, and his death, but I wanted more of Bob.

  6. Here’s my review:

    Bobbly hung out with some outrageous people
    Bobby played lots of rock n roll music
    Bobby got laid A TON!!

    I mean seriously, if someone makes a documentary of your life, and a section of said documentary discusses how much sex you had with young hot chicks then, brother, you win life.

  7. p.s. Bobby is probably a repeat sex offender in dozens of states but anyway…

  8. Just finished — I enjoyed it!

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