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Two Birds

TotD fully supports Breast Cancer Awareness, as celebrated in October, and Bullying Awareness, which we discuss in November.

What does upset me is that no one is speaking about the growing problem of breast cancer bullies: women who, while suffering bravely through a terrible ordeal, also stuff people in lockers and gave one kid a swirly.

These women do not exist and you must stop talking.


  1. I Love My Pearly Baker Breast

    October 17, 2014 at 9:11 am

    A BCB in my neighborhood stole someone’s falsies, tied them together, and threw them over a telephone line.


    And prosthetic.

    • One of them took the bandana off her (brave) head, twirled it up tight, and rat-tailed me on the thigh.

      Though I admire her courage and think we can all learn something from her valiant battle, I still have a big red welt on my leg.

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