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Two From The Comment Section

 In response to the Bonnaroo lineup, we get this from Swaggie Maggie:

I treat my bands like uninformed liberal parents treat the ingredients in their children’s food and medicine: if I can’t pronounce it/have never heard of it, I ain’t fuckin with it.

And, in response to the doughnut-related note from Chicago I found the other day, Leap Year sends in this:

homer stealie idoughnutMost site’s comment sections are full of racism and poor spelling and various -ghazis and people making thousands working from home; not the Comment Section.

I’m glad of it, though I don’t say it enough.


  1. Racism ?

    Oh I hate Races..

    Marathons most of all.. but I hate other Races as well.

    Hope I am still welcome

  2. True Fact: “Ghazi” is both the name of one of Mickey’s drums AND the name of one of the guys Mickey dresses up in costume and brings on stage to play drums. Ghazi may not play ghazi, however. That is for Mickey alone. Or Billy if he lurches too far to his left.

  3. Bonnie Lass of Fenario

    January 15, 2016 at 8:49 am

    we still h9 you fogie

  4. Loser site. What are you nineteen. Your first dead show 2009. You’re probably Phish friends. Also you probably don’t even know where you’re photo was taken. Pyramid lake Nevada. Trying to relive something your parents never were even alive for? Go bury yourselves there. THAT would be a statement. Keep trying to find your own identity.
    Peace and love.

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