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Two Irishmen, A Jew, And A Mexican Walk Into The Senate Cloakroom

On one hand, you should wear a suit when you meet a Senator; on the other hand, fuck that shit.


I always get Chris Matthews mixed up with Tim Russert and Chris Berman. They’re bloated, gently-talented, and you just know that there’s a whole wall in their office devoted to pictures of them with important people that visitors get undesired tours of.


It’s not Mickey’s fault that he looks ridiculous, Younger Enthusiast. The 80’s/early 90’s were all about the double-breasted suit, which makes 99% of men look like they’re swimming in a box made of fabric.


Pretty sure this is ’93. I have no joke or observation about that fact, but I googled for almost ten minutes straight trying to figure it out, and I didn’t want the information to go to waste.


“No, Mickey, we can’t wire the Rotunda for sound and have a drum circle with the pages.”


“Jer, you got any stash?”

“I might have something on me, Senator.”

“Break that shit out, then. Let’s get fucked up.”



  1. Parish must be just outside the picture, holding the briefcase.

  2. I love Garcia for his disregard for convention. That’s how everyone should dress when mingling with criminals, and especially anyone that thinks they’re in authority.

  3. Luther Von Baconson

    March 10, 2017 at 8:24 pm

    Mickey had his Grade 13 Prom later that night.

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