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Unconditional Love*

TotD wishes to formally condemn Caitlyn Jenner and lifestyle.

Scuse me?

Supporters of The ESPY Awards need to be pointed out and shamed.

I’m going to let this one go, actually.

Sports don’t need awards. You know who the best team was.

Kinda the whole point of sports.

Right. Who gives a fuck what the online poll said? Who put the ball in the thing the most? Or ran the fastest? It’s the only thing that matters.

I am not disagreeing. You’re onboard with the transsexual rights thing, though.

Oh, no.


Rights don’t exist, so transsexuals don’t have them anymore than you or I do. Legal fictions we chant to ourselves in the dark. The only acceptable politics are the politics of compassion; they’re the only ones worth fighting for.

You do, however, agree that transsexuals–under the rule of your politics of compassion–are entitled to some of said compassion.

They people?


Then they may have all they need. Plus some for the drive home. Except if you’re driving home from The ESPYs. You know: compassion is not limitless.

That’s sad, actually.

I’m totally fucking with you.


Compassion’s infinite and renewable and the basis for everything good in this cold world. The first step to love and wisdom and maybe even a little goddamn peace is compassion. It can be all that we’re made of, if we choose.

So, why don’t we choose?

Yeah, okay.

Just like that?

We disagree on the definition of the word “choose.”


  1. You lost me here… Do you tolerate transgender people or not?

  2. You really have been reaching new heights a lovely lately. Psychic afterglow from the show?

  3. Unrelated Question that popped into my head this morning while listening to the first Santa Clara show:

    Why don’t they overdub all of Phil’s horrible vocals/Bobby’s flubs before releasing the official audio? Just like Europe ’72 or Skullfuck? THERE’S A PRECEDENT.

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