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Under Siege 3: This One’s In A Mall*


“I made art!”

Why do you look like Steven Seagal?

“Shirt collar.”


“Art’s the best.”

What about drumming?

“I retract my last statement. But art’s pretty cool. I get up real early, dose all the animals on the property, and then I paint all morning. It’s like CrossFit for your brain.”

That doesn’t make sense, and you need to stop dosing animals.

“They like it.”

Do they?

“They’ve never said anything about it.”


*Why have they not done Die Hard in a mall? There are many possibilities for both action and comedy that spring from that location. Someone hire me to write Die Hard in a mall, and my version will not star Mickey. (Unless that’s what you pay for.)

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  1. They did do Die Hard in a mall, it was Paul Blart: Mall Cop. And it was terrible.

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