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Unnecessary Roughness

keith violentWe’re done with the Stones, but this is too much fun not to share.

Also: this would never happen at a Dead show. First off, those balloons would be far too valuable at a Dead show to just waste throwing on the guitar player.

Second, if a Deadhead did rush the stage…wait: a Deadhead would never “rush” the stage. Accidentally stumble out on? Yes. Happen upon? Totally: a Deadhead could absolutely happen upon the stage. (“Hey, guys: look what I found!”)

Third, none of the three guitar-wielding members of the Dead would ever use their instruments as weapon, as each one of them cost as much as a Honda, but featured none of the reliability that Civics and Accords are known for.

Fourth, the Dead’s crew was a little more proactive than the Stones’, apparently. Parish would have given the guy a forearm shiver before he had hit the stairs.


  1. this is fucking awesome lmao i love the way he just casually puts his guitar back on and continues playing

    reminded me of this:

    • Reminded me of the naked guy who hugged Trey..

      Nobody hit him with anything, guy was just trippin, feelin the love.

  2. There was a knucklehead than ran across the stage at Alpine Valley one year.

    • Naked?

      I always was heartbroken when security grabbed the naked guy at a show, you know he was just really high, and being detained, cuffed and locked up is the last thing his trippin brain needed, plus cops seem to handle naked people rather roughly.

      • No, he was a drunk frat boy, I’m pretty sure. Hopefully they kicked his ass.

      • Rodeo Amy, if ToTD doesn’t reward you with comment of the day for that there is truly no justice in this world (blogosphere)? …….
        frat boys

      • Spencer, I appreciate your sentiment. You are a scholar and a gentleman. However, the COTD bar is quite high and the whims of Mr. TotD are not to be manipulated. May it ever be so.

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