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Here’s a weirdo show for a weirdo day: the Rambler Room on 11/17/78.  I can barely figure this one out, and the internet is no help: some folks say this was a Bob Weir Band show, but the Dead are on tour (they play great shows at the Uptown Theater the nights before and after this.) Bobby wouldn’t have a solo tour co-booked with the Dead, so they probably just called themselves “The Bob Weir Band” because promoters get cranky when you play a surprise show in the same city where they’ve engaged you for the weekend.

Was this a favor? Was Bobby trying to get laid? He was Bobby, for fuck’s sake: surely this was too much effort, even for a college girl–he was a rock star, after all, and there were so many young women who wanted to sleep with rock stars that a special name had to be thought up for them.

Billy’s not there, but that doesn’t really matter: Acoustic Dead was always only Garcia and Bobby and Phil standing in the back with the treble on his bass turned all the way down.

It’s a fun show: Garcia sings Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door, even imploring the small, but friendly, crowd to sing along. Great high harmonies from Bobby, who acquits himself with his slide when not permitted by the design of the guitar to place the thing all the way up the neck to make screechy noises.

It’s a homey show: you know they sent Parrish to steal the stools from the student union cafe ten minutes before the set.

PLUS a great Big Boy Pete, complete with goofy back-and-forth between Bobby and Garcia and you can hear the smiles on their faces.

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  1. Was a last minute benefit gig, booked under the Weir name to either keep the freaks from swarming it, or to not piss off the promoter as you say.

    Love Garcia soloing his ass off on This Time Forever. Before the song even starts and then gonzo towards the end! Always liked that song better than most of Bob’s ballady stuff.

    Here’s a moderate upgrade, a bit less hissy

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