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Musings on the Most Ridiculous Band I Can't Stop Listening To

Up There With Invading Russia

IMG_1208 (1)

“Which one are you?”

“Jeff Chimenti, Billy.”

“You one of them Fake Jerry horsefuckers?”

“I’m your keyboardist.”

“You? Nah. I’ve seen our keyboardist: big tall geek. Looks like the headmaster at a private school for rich kids.”

“That’s your other keyboardist.”

“Ah, Christ, we got two keyboardists again? How many times we gonna make the same mistake?”


  1. Hopefully only this once, Billy.

  2. Billy looks oddly Muppet-like. Not “full Muppet”, but like a furrier Scooter, listening to “Rainbow Connection”.

  3. Hey Bill, where’d you get that choker?

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