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Up To Your Neck In The Sweat And Wet Confetti

People go on about Dave Grohl: they like to call him the Last Rock Star, but he isn’t the last one. He’s just the only guy who has the job currently, and though the details are different (far less public pederasty,) the broad strokes are the same: the skinny legs, the hair, the dramatic yowl. He’s not the last rock star on purpose, but when the position is eliminated, he might be the one holding the wonderball.

Craig Finn’s the real Last Rock Star. Or, at least, the Last “Rock Star”.

You’re kidding me with this.

Too meta?

Too crappy. Sounds like someone who didn’t understand David Foster Wallace’s essay on irony and didn’t understand that he didn’t understand it.

David got moved into the Problem Attic when you weren’t looking.


Yup. Him and Harper Lee.

The literary wing of the Problem Attic must be getting packed.

Nah, Heinlein and Borges built the wing.

Huh. You were talking about Craig Finn and the Hold Steady.

Yes, but the guy’s songs are art, in the sense that any further discussion is moot: go listen to the fuckers, and real loud, too. You can’t talk about Hold Steady songs: you can do a line and punch a nun while one’s playing, but the things speak for themselves.

You shouldn’t punch nuns.

Hey, man: I shouldn’t do a ton of shit. And here we are.

Anything to listen to while we’re here?

Like all great rock bands, there is a show from the Rockpalast:


  1. Thought Scarlet was the wrong choice for CF at Moved Me Brightly – but it was still enjoyable seeing him on that show

  2. starts at 36 minutes — It’s not good.

    Hold steady could do a mean Ramble On

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