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Upcoming Reactions To Hugh Hefner’s Death

  • Thinkpiece about how Hef was actually the first feminist.
  • Tweet from the President of the United States that contains the phrase “Magazine went downhill when the girls lost the bush!”
  • Announcement of a motion picture/Netflix series based on Hef’s life.
  • Hot Take re: Hef and race. (This one will almost certainly have a point. Not a lot of titties of color in Playboy.)
  • Medium essay that starts off shaky, derails by the second paragraph, and has the entire internet yelling at the author by the third.
  • If Barbie Benton is still alive, then you’re gonna be hearing from Barbie Benton this week.
  • I cannot fucking tell you how many times we’ll all be subjected to variations on the “just read it for the articles” joke.
  • Or the “Hef’s will folded out like the centerfold” bit.
  • Not gonna lie: there will be quite a bit of memorial masturbation in the next couple days; guys’ll toss one off for Hef, because guys are disgusting.
  • Oh, fuck, Jenny McCarthy’s going to involve herself, isn’t she?
  • The following listicles:
    • “31 Hottest Playboy Playmates,” Bleacher Report.
    • “31 Times Women Fought The Patriarchy By Getting Buck Naked,” Buzzfeed.
    • “Top Ten Playboy Interviews You Won’t Read Because They’re 100,000 Words Long,” Longform.
    • “Six Playmates That Went On To Hijack Airplanes,” Thoughts on the Dead.
  • Somebody’s going to post scans of Little Annie Fannnie, and that motherfucker’s getting fired; leave Little Annie Fannie in the Problem Attic.


  1. Luther Von Baconson

    September 28, 2017 at 11:07 am

    he was a Groovy Dancer and new his way around a Pickle Tray

    i just e-mailed my mom told her should dig in the archives stack a few back on the toilet tank. for old times sake. she said “yeah the ones with the pages stuck together”.

  2. Well, you can’t say he’s in a better place.

  3. New footage of playboy after dark from Jan 18, 1969 featuring the entire tv episode including of course the grateful dead is linked from this stereophile article… The dead footage is a lot clearer than what I have.

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