Pokemon Yeoh Not only is this Pokemon game for the ladies, it kicks more ass than the male versions.

Pokemon Blow Monsters include Slobberpuss, Lovelacina, and Suckerfoo.

Pokemon Curtis Blow It’s a basketball game.

Smilla’s Sense Of Pokemon Snow This game makes no sense.

Pokemon Fro You can capture Oscar Gamble or Tito Jackson.

Pokemon Ho Five dollars for pussy, two extra for ass-fucking.

Pokemon Flo This game features a Pokemonster that tells you about how much money you could save on your insurance while you try to figure out whether she’s attractive or not.

Pokemon Shto? You collect confused Russians.

Pokemon Moe Why I oughta…

Pokemon No Pokemon is fucking stupid and everyone playing it is an idiot. Not like the bullshit I like, which is smart and enjoyed by intelligent people. One day, you Pokemondegreens will grow up and get into sports/film/semi-defunct choogly-type bands and gain my respect.

Pokemon Hector Elizondo Not a leading app, but you’ll get a solid and grounded performance from this game.

Pokemon Placebo Here’s the cool thing: even if I tell you that it’s not actually Pokemon, you’ll still believe it is.

Pokemon Godchaux Saddest video game ending since Final Fantasy X.

Pokemon Pho It’s just foreign soup.