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Enthusiasts with non-goldfish memories will recall that What’s Become of the Dead promised that tickets to the MSG show(s) would be set to two price-points: fifty bucks for the nose-bleeds, hundred for the folding chairs. This, as expected, turned out to be a Show Biz Promise, and not worth the cocaine it was spelled out on a groupie’s boobs with.

Above, you can see that a few Official Platinum Seats still remain available at the low, low price of $575. (Before charges. With Ticketmaster charges, the tickets are $1,125.)

Thank God for me, Enthusiasts, because only through this website can you access the secret, ultra-exclusive seats and ticket packages. With only a $799 cash fee upfront, you can become eligible to sit in any of the following sections:

Latinum Seats are just as good as platinum, but you will have to negotiate the price with a Ferengi.

Catinum Seats are full of sand and you can take a shit during Terrapin if you want. Ushers will bring complimentary saucers of creamy milk during setbreak, and there will be sunbeams.

Kattinum Seats come with a pre-show dinner with TV’s William Katt from The Greatest American Hero. For an extra thousand, he will wear the suit.

Fatinum Seats are double-wide and reinforced and if you need one, then you need one. But, you know: you shouldn’t need one.

Byzantium Seats are unbelievably complicated to get to.

John Mayer’s Van These seats are in John Mayer’s van. There’s a whole entertainment center and big-screen in there, and he threw a ridiculous sound system in, so you’re kind of set. Also: private bathroom and a place to nap and if the show sucks, you can drive over to see Phil’s band.


  1. Hey TotD, I need your help. I’m having trouble with controlling the brightness on my phone? Also I can’t figure out how to set my internet so that it will stay on for a while. It turns on and off every time I press this circular button at the bottom of my phone? What does this button do?

  2. Question about Catinum..

    Last Catinum seating I purchased had a flock of sparrows released into the arena. Will there be a flock of sparrows.


  3. 5. Istanbul not Constantinople

  4. Mayer dropped 500K on a douchetruck, not a van.

  5. If Jerry was alive, they would have fat-catinum seating..

    friggin moneygrab.

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