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Uptown, Saturday Night

Speak of the Devil, and he’ll appear in your trousers, Enthusiasts: since mentioning that it’s been forever since a good show recommendation, I’ve made two. (I’m counting this one.) For your listening treasure: 11/18/78 from the Uptown Theatre in Chicago. Keith is in good form for a late-’78 show, and the Scarlet>Fire, while under 20 minutes, is well worth your time. I will say that these sets of music are firmly within the period of time known as Bobby’s Slide Guitar Lessons; be warned.

And a Stagger Lee, and a From The Heart Of Me (which is a pretty song that Mrs. Donna Jean sings well), and then Phil blames Germans for things. Great show all around.

I don’t know about “great.”

Solid and energetic representation of the period?



  1. I grew up near Chicago and went to college in Chicago. Went to the Uptown to see them several times circa 1978-1979. (and tried to see them the night that Billy up and left town for California after feuding with Brent) It was a cool oldtime theatre that Shapiro should have bought and renovated. Also, it was where I saw the theatrical re-release (after decades of being out of circulation) of the Marx Brothers’ classic Animal Crackers in the mid-70s. To say that I love that place would be an understatement.

  2. I always thought I Need a Miracle was the best part of this show. Seriously.

  3. Thanks TotD, I hadn’t thought about, or listened to, From the Heart of Me in quite awhile. I’m enjoying it as I type. I agree, a pretty song, sung well.

    • Thoughts On The Dead

      September 16, 2016 at 8:47 pm

      In a reality not too far down the street, Mrs. Donna Jean did a whole solo album with the Dead backing her up. Quiet, soulful songs about love and Jesus.

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