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Urban Mayer

JM keith urbanBOO!

Ha-ha: you forgot John Mayer was a Grateful Dead now, didn’t you? All caught up in the Stones and Wally’s presidential run and your families or whatever sad little bullshit occupies the part of your lives that TotD does not fill.

Welp: there ya go. Young John Mayer is, indeed, a full-fledged Grateful Dead.

Why did he ever break up with Taylor Swift: both of them seem to enjoy collecting famous people. (That is Keith Urban, who is both Australian and a country-and-western star, which makes him the white Iggy Azalea. He is or was married to Nicole Kidman, who cannot move her face. John Mayer can move his face, and he does frightful things with that ability.)


  1. But Iggy Azalea is white

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