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Used To Be The Heart Of Town

Did you know about this website? It leads you to the utter GENIUS that is this Shakedown, and if you’re reading this twaddle on even a semi-regular schedule, sometimes you just need a Shakedown.

Even though it’s the only one of the disco songs that ever really worked, some are snobbish about Shakedown. These people deserve to be dorm-mates with the Monkeys of Time!, a group of chimps (fuck you, LaMarck) with access to time teleportation technology, but absolutely no concept of the ramifications of their actions, primarily because they are monkeys (Fuck you, apes: you’re all monkeys to me.) Continuity is loosed free from its moorings. And its Mormons. Shit gets fucked up, chronometrically speaking, is what I’m getting at.



  1. Your being a genius again!!

  2. david notliemouz

    August 20, 2014 at 8:50 pm

    You’re scaring me again.

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