Thoughts On The Dead

Musings on the Most Ridiculous Band I Can't Stop Listening To

Used To Pose For Baron, Now We Pose With Clive

You’ve just been amusing yourself since you’re 16, right?


The shorts.

“Were we in Bermuda, everyone else would look out of place.”

The Dead did not play in Bermuda.


Yeah, you played in Jamaica.


Right, in 1970.


What is your point Bobby?

“We’re no strangers to islands.”

What is going on here, Bob?

“Well, uh, judging from the presence of Clive Davis and champagne, I’d say we sold a shitload of records.”

Oh, yeah. You totally did that one time. I forget.

“It was a bit of an anomaly.”

And you welcomed your success with such dignity.

“All the dignity that the situation demanded.”

Clive Davis looks like a high-end pornographer.

“Well, yeah.”


  1. bobby shorts jokes never get old. Merry Christmas pplz!!!

  2. Who are the other guys?

  3. The “other ones” are, from L–R:
    Davis, Garcia, Weir, Roy Lott & Don Ienner of Arista, Hart, the late Jon McIntire, and promoter John Scher

    I think it was around the time In The Dark was a Chart Success, backstage @ MSG in Sept ’87.

    Other shots from this reel of film are by Ms Susana Millman, so I presume THIS one is.

    Hope everyone is having a Joyous Festivus.

  4. Why does the blond fellow appear to have a crucifix rising from the depths of his chest hair?

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