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I have had enough, Enthusiasts: of nasty fuckwits with nastier grammar; of petty clamoring for status; shit, maybe of America and that hurts the most. You know I love me some America.

Of course I do, right? When has America ever closed her doors, heart, arms, legs to me? America makes my lunch in the morning and writes my name on the paper bag; she usually writes a note, too, and tosses in some candy and a handful of second chances.

America loves giving me second chances.

Technically, on paper, according to Hoyle: I’m a minority. But, if we’re honest, if you have to be a minority, then “American Jew” is the one to go with. Tutsis? Druze? Copts? Navajo? Those are minorities, too, and those poor fuckers get it in the ass with curling irons regularly. There will be no pogroms in Boca.

As I’ve said, these latest burst pimples of cruelty erupting in North Carolina and Mississippi and other places are not about bathrooms and, quite frankly, anyone who brings up bathrooms can be excluded from the conversation. (Though it should be noted that certain Southerners have historically perverse obsession with who uses what toilet.) The Mississippi law, for one, allows landlords to turn away prospective tenants because they’re gay or transgendered.

“You can’t live here, faggot. What are you gonna do about it?”

That’s the law. That’s the law these mean little fuckers passed and just to make it worse, they blamed it on Jesus. He said “How you treat the least among you is how you treated me,” and there’s no way to square that with what these states have done in His name.

The mean fuckers used to win all the time, and they still do sometimes, but you don’t have to let them. Fight back. Fight dirty. Just fight.

Cancel the fucking show.


  1. yes, yes, yes! exactly.


  2. yes, yes, yes. exactly!

  3. That pretty much squared it. Need a leader to say what you said


    April 11, 2016 at 11:34 pm

    If you think Izak Azzoff is going to cancel a show over this you must be a late 40s trust fund social justice warrior blogger who has an exorbitant amount of time .

    Do you know that in Saudi Arabia and Isis controlled areas in the middle East your gay friends get thrown off buildings and stoned to death ? What about the fact that your 2nd favorite religion (Islam) as a whole despises gays in general . Here you are worried about feelings in NC .

    There is much greater threats to gays in the world right now braddah . Now quit fucking tweeting about worldly minute things while atrocities are being commited in the war torn middle East .

    The middle East that your peace living President just sent B 52s to yesterday stoking up cold war flames not to stop Isis genocide .

    Wake up to find out you are a social justice warrior that is shallow on actual topics of relevance politically .

  5. Is this NPR?

  6. Play the concert, donate the profits to groups fighting this bullshit.

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